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500 K+

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Save up to 80% on your Utility Bill

Save up to 80% on your Utility Bill

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sustain the environment for future generations

Sustainable environment for future generations

Cutting Greenhouse gas emissions

Cutting Greenhouse gas emissions

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Solar energy is changing our approach to many things and making us reenvision our lifestyle, thanks to solar PV technology.

People around the world lower their carbon footprint with solar energy from a solar power system by Top Solar Company – United Solar Energy Malaysia.

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  • I’m interested to go solar. How do I choose?

    Going solar is a dedication – it is an investment that should last you for a long time. We know it can get overwhelming, so for a start, we always advise for you to verify whether the company engaging you are certified by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority. This ensures that they are accredited installers to do installation works (USEM is a certified Registered Solar PV Investor (RPVI) license holder and holds Registered Solar PV Service Provider (RPVSP) license via its linked company, Lembah Setia Sdn Bhd).

    Secondly, do check on the material. You can go here for more advice. Remember, you want your solar panels to last – so make sure you are getting every penny worth!

  • Do I need local council approval to install solar power system?

    This entirely depends on your location. Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, yes. But other councils may not require approval. On another note, we do subscribe all of our solar installations under the NEM scheme that is governed and approved by SEDA. This is to ensure that we get the best out of the solar PV system installed. Check out all the schemes offered by SEDA here.

  • Do you offer any financing?

    Yes! We offer credit card instalment as well as bank financing up to 84 months! Contact us for more info!

  • Do you provide warranties?

    Yes, of course! Our systems come standard with above market offering of 25-30 years product and performance warranty AND we also provide complimentary all-risk insurance. Inquire now!

  • How do I maintain a solar power system?

    Just like your car, the solar system, too, needs maintenance. We do offer complimentary 1-2 years’ maintenance with all of our systems, but if you need our services, do drop us a line!

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