United Solar Energy Malaysia - Project

Ipoh, Perak

[ 308 kW ]

System Size

308kW (936 Solar Panels)

Installation Time

30 days

Total Power Generated (Annual)

449 MWh

Yearly Bill Savings

Est. RM 55,000 (38% conversion)

CO2 Savings

Approx. 53,750 trees replanted

3 top-performing Huawei Inverters with complete weather monitoring set and smart, cloud-logging system for comprehensive, on-the fingertip data monitoring.

  • One of our most notable ventures involving Solar PV installation.
  • Installation of 308kWp system within 30 days.
  • Installation of 936 solar panels on an aluminium-base, easy-assembly racking system by Clenergy.

Pengkalan Hulu, Perak


Ipoh, Perak



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